About Timeless Bits And Bobs

Irene Dixey has always been creative, when kids were small she would often make games out of pizza boxes based on books being read or fun games for them to learn timetables, new words etc.    all used from scrap.           
When Daren started creating his Steam punk art, Irene was lucky enough to meet one of his clients, who had old broken wind up watches, the bug bit, the passion started for bringing life to the old. She saw the beauty in the tiny gears and bits and pieces of the watches, antique keys, rusted items, broken old books and broken jewelry.  This is how her creative business started.  TIMELESS BITS AND BOBS.  Irene started making jewelry, succulent holders, hats, books with secret compartments and the list goes on.  Always a story and meaning to all the items she makes.
Their dream is one day to open up a quirky little coffee shop, displaying all their many quirky items.