Welcome To Green Punk Designs

Our History

Green punk designs, also known as Dixey Pickers. 
Husband and wife team’s passion for up cycling, you will often find the Dixey couple searching through junk yard, auctions and demolition sites for interesting, quirky items and seeing the potential in making something unique. Taking the old and giving it life.   
A weekend art outlet and passion has become a small business to be proud of. 

About The Creator

Daren Dixey besides making quirky functional art.(  lights, blue tooth speakers,wine or whiskey holders, cabinets ) he has also been involved  in restaurants, home, shop fronts and boutique hotels, giving  them a unique industrial, up cycled feel.  Daren has a team that helps bring his vision to life.  Sandile and. 
GREEN PUNK DESIGNS name is a mix of Green being up cycling and punk, the love Daren has  for steam punk art.  His art started off very much steam punk and then evolved into a more quirky industrial look.
Daren’s electrical background has been valuable in many of his projects.

Our Mission

We are an upcycle company dedicated to transforming discarded materials into stunning and functional works of art. Our mission is to reimagine the concept of waste by giving it a new purpose and showcasing its inherent beauty.

Our Vision

In a world burdened by excessive consumption and waste, we believe in the power of upcycling to make a positive impact on our environment. By diverting materials from landfills and breathing new life into them, we strive to promote a circular economy where resources are valued and utilized to their fullest potential.