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Green Punk Designs started just over five years ago. Always been a tinkerer at heart, I have had this inspiration of taking the old and the new and combining it into an art form using modern technology. Hence Steam Punk. Old Victorian Science fiction... I am like the American Pickers on steroids. Where normal people would go to shopping malls, I would go to scrap yards and demolition sites. Looking for old gears, wooden boxes, brass plates and whatever visually appeals to me. It is amazing how you can transform a gear and piece of plumbing pipe into a functional Art. I would say I border on the acentric. Love to watch the expressions on people’s faces when they see my work. Every item I make is functional and has purpose, very often interesting history. How cool is that ? No greater satisfaction for me than taken something redundant from a scrap heap and give it new purpose. Love what I do.

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